Replacement Whips

Replacement Whips

Replacement whips kit


TPU tubing X 1/4 OD:

  • F1-12 (for AL-1FO-12, V25-1FO) --> Without brass insert
  • F3-12 (for AL-3FO-12, , AL-3RE-12, AL-4-1FO-12) --> With brass insert


TPU tubing X 1/8 OD: 

  • F8-12 (for AL-6FO-12, AL-8FO-12, AL-8RE-12) --> With brass insert
  • F8-20 (for AL-8FO-20, AL-8RE-20) --> With brass insert


The greatest Airwhips for the heavy jobs.


The innovative Superflex™ whips allow the use of this tool even in the coldest temperatures.


  • The most resistant and flexible whips on the market.
  • The greatest airwhips for finishing work.


SKU: F1-12, F3-12, F8-12, F8-20

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