NexBrush™ - Pneumatic Brush

NexBrush™ - Pneumatic Brush


Brush kit, 25ft rigid line with pneumatic motor.


The NexBrush ™ ️ is the ideal tool for high-velocity ventilation ducts. Some contractors and work providers require the ducts to be cleaned with a brush. The NexBrush ™ ️ will provide a thorough cleaning due to brush friction which is activated by an air motor. The air motor was designed for LTE Canada by engineers to suit the needs of cleaning ventilation ducts. In the event of any damages, each part can be replaced quickly and easily.


Motor : Motor : Diameter : 1'' | Lenght : 5'' | Weight : 0.66 lbs

Working pressure: 30-90 PSI @ 8.1 CFM


The power of the motor will ensure the continuity of the work even in the event of high friction due to its powerful torque.


Included :

  • 25ft cable
  • LTE Pneumatic motor
  • 12'' Nylon brush
  • 24'' Nylon brush
  • 36'' Nylon brush




Youtube vidéo here.