Nexair™️ 5.0 🌪 - 5000 CFM Negative Air Machine Dual Motor

Nexair™️ 5.0 🌪 - 5000 CFM Negative Air Machine Dual Motor


The ultimate negative air machine on the market.

Fully made in aluminum with stainless steel accessories for lightweight and heavy-duty use.

Dual 1.5 HP 115V Motor. Easy to carry by only 1 person with the integration of an inclined stair climber kit. 


4 stages filtrations : 

1: Screen bag; reusable bulk collection bag,  increase the lifespan of your filters  SKU: DUST-BAG

2: Cube filter; Cube filter 18X24X14 .  (for Nexair 5.0) SKU: 1824CB

3: Pleated air filters Merv 11 for Nexair 5.0 18X24X2.Use to protect the H.E.P.A Filter.

4: H.E.P.A Filter 99.97% Metal frame H.E.P.A Filter 18X24X6 with a screen grill on each side.     SKU: 1824HP


Includes: 1x 25' 10'' heavy-duty succion hose, 1 flange 10'' and 2 clamps


Industrial quality parts. 5000 cfm free air


Motor section: 140 Lbs

Filter section: 60 Lbs


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