Magnetic HvacZone™️ Zoning Mat

Magnetic HvacZone™️ Zoning Mat


Are you still using pieces of cardboard to protect your customers' coils?

It's time to equip yourself with durable and professional equipment to effectively protect your customers' equipment. Our HvacZone™️ magnetic zoning mat is made of polyurethane, making it extremely strong and durable. We've added powerful magnets to ensure your customers' equipment is safe.


The HvacZone™ mat is ideal for zoning ducts easily and efficiently. It fits all types of rectangular ductwork.


Here are the key benefits of our magnetic zoning mat:

  • Get a professional look
  • Allows you to ensure your customers' equipment is protected
  • Made of an extremely strong and durable polyurethane
  • Securely positioned with powerful magnets (18 magnets on the 18'' x 24'' and 24 magnets on the 28''x28'')
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Now available in two sizes: 18'' x 24'' or 28'' x 28''




SKU: HZM1824, HZM2828

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