Airbot One™ Robot

Airbot One™ Robot


Airbot One™ is the ultimate robot specialized for ventilation duct cleaning needs. With its belt system propelled by 2 high-performance motors, it is able to move quickly and efficiently in ducts without any worries. Its design allows it to access all types of ducts of 7“ and more in order to inspectclean, and even apply sealants.


This versatile robot is the essential tool for cleaning ventilation systems in commercial, industrial, and institutional environments. Compatible with several accessories that will allow you to face any situation.


Key features:

  • Made of durable and lightweight materials
  • Compact design with carrying case and integrated control panel
  • Intuitive functions and controls
  • FusionFlex™ cable provides air and electric connections 100ft away
  • Ready for powerful tools upgrades
  • Quick-connect connections
  • High quality motors for better performance and reliability
  • Full HD - 1080P front and rear cameras
  • Powerful LED lights for better vision



  • Hard carrying case 
  • FusionFlex™ cable - 100 feet
  • Control panel + laptop
  • Manual articulated arm
  • Whips and tools


100% Made in Canada



  • Download the specs sheet here.



    Length 270mm (10.63’’)
    Height 140mm (5.51’’)
    Width 180mm (7.09’’)
    Weight 5.65 Kg (12,46 lbs)
    Speed 0.266m/s (16m/min)
    Torque 12 NM (106.21lbs»)
    Operating temperature -10 a 65° C
    Mobile load 193 Kg (425 lbs)
    Radial load 68 Kg (152.12 lbs)
    Max incline 40°
    Ducts compatibility Round / Flat (> 7’’)


    MOTORS x2

    Max output power 28.6 W
    Nominal voltage 24 V
    Nominal speed 8100 rpm
    Operating temp. -30 to 85° C
    Nominal current 1.08A



    Power supply 110/220V AC 50/60 Hz
    Case total weight 7.8 Kg (17.2lbs)
    Length 570mm (22.5")
    Height 355mm (14")
    Width 240 mm (9.5")
    Nominal power cons. 36 W
    Max. power cons. 72 W
    PSI (operation) 125-175 psi
    PSI (max) 250 psi
    Cable length 30.5m (100’’)




    2 (front & rear)
    Resolution 1920 x 1080 (2MP)
    Frame rates 30 fps
    Viewing angle Wide 90°
    Front lights 475 lumens
    Rear lights 300 * 2 lumens
    Laptop for recording Included
    Record & view software Included
    Comments on records YES